Previdus invests in the innovative business Coinscale and thus sets new standards in advanced technologies. Coinscale is an AI-Driven automated Crypto Investment Bot designed to automate investment decisions on behalf of users.

Previdus has understood the potential that lies in advanced AI algorithms. What makes Coinscale special in this field is its API with Twitter. Coinscale has managed to set a live API to Twitter in addition to evaluating technical indicators and market data. All relevant posts from the most influential Twitter users (e.g. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, CZ,…) are analyzed in real time and implemented in the trading strategy.

Calculated risk management plays an important role at Previdus. Therefore, it is all the more important that Coinscale employs risk mitigation strategies. To safeguard users’ investments and minimize potential losses, strict portfolio management and stop-loss orders are in place.

The balance between capital preservation and consistently strong performance is maintained at all times through Coinscale’s sophisticated and innovative technology. The exceptional interaction of an advanced AI and the live API to Twitter convinced Previdus.

The investment of Previdus will be used for further development and research of AI algorithms as well as to continue building Coinscale’s regulatory base.

Total Investment: € 120.000,-